Our acquisition policy is primarily opportunistic. In the main this will mean freehold purchases which in prevailing market conditions provide the opportunity to achieve an attractive trading profit over a 1 to 4 year period. The profit will normally result from adding value by various means, ideally supplemented by positive market movement.

Due to our access to both in house funds and extensive JV equity we are able to pursue opportunities within a wide value range, from a few hundred thousand pounds to £20m+ (refer to the PROJECTS section of our web site for a small indicative sample of projects undertaken in the last 10 years).

Although our primary business is in trading projects we wish to maintain a small investment portfolio comprising well located, income producing properties between £300k and £1.5m, which might be; stand alone small industrial / warehouse units, open storage, leisure or retail. We would also consider long dated commercial ground rents.

All successful intros will be recognised and fees paid. In the first instance call or email Nigel Reynolds 07836 202491